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Calls for Action

What is a "Call for Action"?

NC REALTORS®, the National Association of REALTORS® and local REALTOR® associations launch Calls for Action (CFAs) to alert REALTORS® about specific issues of immediate or upcoming interest.

A CFA requests REALTORS® to contact their respective elected officials about an issue, and sometimes requests that they ask their clients and friends to contact elected officials as well. The CFA will include important information, such as talking points on the REALTOR® stance and convenient links for contacting elected officials.

Responding quickly to CFAs is critical to communicating a coordinated, powerful grassroots message. The goal of the CFA is to generate a simultaneous high volume of personalized communications from REALTORS® and others to targeted elected officials.

Contact/Meet Your Legislator

Tips for communicating with your elected official:

Activate--Get Social!

In addition to connecting with all of NC REALTORS®'s social media outlets, stay on top of the latest government affairs news by following the staff on Twitter:

 2016 Social Responsibility Report

Social Responsibility Report coverAnnually, NC REALTORS® compiles a Social Responsibility Report of our members’ community outreach efforts throughout North Carolina.  On a professional level, REALTORS® work to build strong neighborhoods and thriving communities.  Personally, NC REALTORS® also willingly invest their time, talents and money into the places they call “home.”

In 2016, we provide a snapshot into how our members give back at the local level.  This report comprises statistics from 24 local associations who provided their information.  The sheer volume of volunteer project data prevents NC REALTORS® from describing each project in detail.  Without a doubt, NC REALTORS® in the past year have given back to their communities in incredible and meaningful ways too varied to describe.

We honor the efforts of our members with this document.

For more information, please contact Seth Palmer, Political Communications & Regulatory Affairs Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 919.573.0992