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SHARE YOUR STORY | Resilient Communities

At the heart of America are cities, towns, and communities that are the pulse all Americans – friends, family, and colleagues.

Resilient Communities GraphicIt’s our communities, from coast to coast and small towns to urban meccas, that help make us who we are. They help to define us, celebrating, supporting, shaping, and lifting us in our time of need. And when a community is faced with overwhelming circumstances – epic storms, economic crises, or natural resource shortages to name a few – our communities rally together to weather the storm. Neighbor helping neighbor. Friend and foe.

We want to tell these comeback stories as part of our XCHANGE ’18 unconventional convention. As REALTORS® closely connected to your communities, you know the stories that weave the fabric of North Carolina.

Share your ideas and stories by November 30 with Tracey Gould at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,  so we can bring these stories to life.