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Protecting Homeownership

Among the many big decisions we face as adults, one is the buying or selling of a home. It is a significant investment and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. And because REALTORS® are invested in your investment, we champion efforts to elected officials and beyond to protect the rights of property owners, promote housing affordability, and provide the resources necessary to guarantee every citizen the right to own a home.

The NC Association of REALTORS® and its members proudly serve as the voice of real estate in North Carolina. We pledge our support in providing solutions to problems facing the communities in which we live and our state as a whole. We believe an enhanced quality of life begins at home, and we adhere to these five principles:


  • Protect Property Owners — The protection of private property rights is a foundation upon which our nation was born and is central to a free-market economy.
  • Promote Housing Affordability — Essential to our system of values is homeownership, and we believe that every citizen has the right to safe, affordable housing, whether it is in an urban, suburban or rural setting.
  • Build Better Communities Sensibly — Communities flourish when common-sense guidelines are followed. We encourage broad-based taxation to support infrastructure (roads, water, sewer, etc.) that accommodates quality residential, commercial and industrial growth in an environmentally sensitive manner.
  • Ensure Economic Vitality — A strong, healthy economy sustains the communities in which we live and work. It results from steady and strategic residential, commercial and industrial growth. Economic development spurs new opportunities, creates jobs, increases the tax base and invigorates communities.