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Calculate Your Savings

NC REALTORS® PAC: Invest In Your Business

As a North Carolina REALTOR®, you might wonder how RPAC saves you money. Click each item below and enter the amounts that apply to you and your business. The savings are well worth a $25 or higher investment to RPAC each year.

RPAC supports candidates who share our position on issues that impact the future of the real estate industry and homeownership in North Carolina. RPAC depends entirely on voluntary investments from REALTORS®, and we all need to do our part to protect our industry and our clients. Help RPAC continue its work in looking out for your interests.



What is your estimated 2014 commission?
What are your estimated number of 2014 transactions?
Savings from defeating sales tax on services:
Savings from defeating a proposed transfer tax:
Savings from defeating an increase in the privilege license fee:
If you are set-up as a corporation, what was your corporate income last year?
Savings from corporate tax reduction:
If you are set-up as an LLC or partnership entity, what is the value of the assets held in that company?
Savings from preventing a 1.05% assets tax on the value of the company's holdings:
If you are a property manager, how many evictions did you perform last year?
Savings from property manager reduced eviction costs:
How many GSE (FHA, VA, USDA) loans greater than $425,000 did you sell last year?
Savings from expanding GSE loan limit:
Total savings:
Estimated savings are based on calculations from data collected by NAR and North Carolina Association of REALTORS®.